Blue Coconut brings you pure, natural,

Coconut Oil from the Pacific Islands

Blue Coconut cooking oil contains no additives, contaminants or trans-fats and is naturally cholesterol free. It is not hydrogenated and does not require refrigeration.

Use exactly the same as your other cooking oil!

How do I use coconut oil buy coconut oil
How do I use coconut oil?
For recipes, beauty applications and tips on the many uses of coconut oil.
Where can I buy Blue Coconut products?
Nationwide stockists of Blue Coconut products, or buy online.
Why coconut oil is so good for you coconut oil to the commercial sector Coconut oil for Horses and Pets
About Coconut Oil
Discover why everyone is talking about coconut oil


Commercial (Distributors, Food service)
We supply high quality coconut oil to the commercial sector, including the foodservice and health markets, via distributors.
Coconut oil for Horses and Pets
Discover the benefits of coconut oil for your pets, horses and livestock


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50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Better Your Life
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